I am Ankur Tiwari.

I help SaaS businesses with organic growth at Thoughtlytics.

👨💻 I enjoy working on growth strategies, writing well-researched content and coding in Python.

🎤 I am self-trained and experienced in speaking to the audience of hundreds of people.

🧑🏽💼 Previously, I've worked as a project manager in a large non-banking financial company, as an embedded systems engineer in a dev lab, and as the founder of BalconyOfJoy.

🎓 I am an Electronics Engineer and MBA (Finance).

🧠 I'm an INTJ.

🧘🏽 My wellness rituals include Kettlebells, Mugdars, Vipassana, and Hatha Yoga.

♞ Sometimes, I play Chess.

🤝🏼 Connect with me on:

🙏 Thank you for checking out my tiny No-Code project.